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Helping Elilie101


I found this person on the Sims 3 Community forunms looking to buy a chjeap gaming PC and I couldn't resit the tempation to help so she found a model and a price range and I found some upgrades for the money.
As I said before Gates Cove all I have done is add polish and fix bugs which I have found a few.

Sims randomly changing jobs once they were at max. The only fix for this is to make two version if the neighborhood with one having all the workers and the other having the owners of the businesses. Then later merge the two.
The Business Central had an issue of people change workplaces but on the same lot but each building was different so I had to split up the work places.

Fixed the floating trees.

Added the Bistro
Straightened Lots
Hi Guys, I have had some brief spare time and I am happy to announce that Gates Cove is almost done. I have been doing some tweaking which I think has greatly improved the feel of Gates Cove. One problem with Gates Cove is that it is a selective island, meaning only Bill Gates friends or people that are rich or perform a task for the town which is necessary. But Sims 3 is designed to create Sims to be fillers for houses and be part of the community which makes logical sense. So I have spoken with a person called twallan found at Nraa's Industries which has  a very useful mod called Story Progression which lets me completely control the town, but EA had the immigration code tied in so much I had to write some basic code myself which I will ship as an optional Tuning file to fix it. Anyway What I have been fixing apart from that I am also doing polishing such with the natives or the beaches and trees and I think I am almost there. With the latest announcement of Late Night and of course I will update Gates Cove. But what do you guys want to see added to Gates Cove related to this EP, for the current release I am remove some of my celebs so when the pack comes out I will be flared and ready to add lots of celebs in great ways. Of course I will add hip and cool Bars and Clubs.Also POLISH lots of POLISH 

Gates Cove V1.9


I have been busy been tweaking in the background and I have made it too V1.9 and V2.0 will the realese version.

The Bugs Fixes are:
-Added Description to most community buildings
Modifed all houses in twown to be furnished and more fit into town.
-Added some trees and affects
-Complety Re-Did all the sapwneers in  the town.
-Revamped Business Central
-Added new sims too town like Tony Stark

Gates Cove V1.8


Hi Guys, Since CAW was fixed afew hours ago I have been tweaking and testing intensive and I hsve made a version change

V1.8 Fixes 
-Added many buildings from ambitions
-Changed many items of terrain painting
- Added specific Sims houses such as Iron Man
-General Polishing
EA has officaly confirmed a fix for CAW and now I have a big amount of work coming up within the next four weeks but after that it slows right down. So Gates Cove will be released on the  21st of August
Thismorning I was greeted by the greatest of news, Sims 3 has a new patch and as I madly scrolled down I was delited to read CAW has been fixed for The Sims 3 and guess what itisn't, Those B******* , S**** Their A****. They lied to the communnity and so I am not starting the clock, so what I have been doing is just fiddling with lots so thy fit the town better and making more Sims. 
I hoped and dreamed but CAW is still broken so I can't do major work, so the release date has been changed to ?.  I have no idea when CAW will be fixed so once caw is fixed I will take two weeks then it will be a public release.
Just within he last hour EA has quitely published their pattern tool which can be found  at but that isn't annoying that great. What's annoying is that this wasn't put on delay becvasue bpof the bugs with the game such as infinite procssing and CTD and all the issue with CAW. But I have a theroy, The sims team hasen't doiebna a blog update and I could think tomorrow they could release a mega-patch that fixes all these bugs, I may be a hopeist but anyway just my thought.
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