Gates Cove
Hi Guys, I have had some brief spare time and I am happy to announce that Gates Cove is almost done. I have been doing some tweaking which I think has greatly improved the feel of Gates Cove. One problem with Gates Cove is that it is a selective island, meaning only Bill Gates friends or people that are rich or perform a task for the town which is necessary. But Sims 3 is designed to create Sims to be fillers for houses and be part of the community which makes logical sense. So I have spoken with a person called twallan found at Nraa's Industries which has  a very useful mod called Story Progression which lets me completely control the town, but EA had the immigration code tied in so much I had to write some basic code myself which I will ship as an optional Tuning file to fix it. Anyway What I have been fixing apart from that I am also doing polishing such with the natives or the beaches and trees and I think I am almost there. With the latest announcement of Late Night and of course I will update Gates Cove. But what do you guys want to see added to Gates Cove related to this EP, for the current release I am remove some of my celebs so when the pack comes out I will be flared and ready to add lots of celebs in great ways. Of course I will add hip and cool Bars and Clubs.Also POLISH lots of POLISH 

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