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This is quite a sad event, Recently the great fansite of Sporedum who recently merged with Spore Mods meaning now both are dead. This really signals something which is sad for all of us, That Spore is dead. This game came out September 7th 2008 and it was a hit. This game stayed on the top ten and then top 20 for two years after the release and has nearly 150 million items on Sporedum.  Something that I was excited about was the idea of modifying this game, with things sucha s elite creatures and buildinng and alps the best of the best mods and I am so sad to see all of this go and a reason why my website went Mod the Spore. But I understand their resoaning, The creator which I knew well, hasne't palyed the game and their is no news so what the point of expencive site hoasting. This s=is a sad day, and it made me fire the old spore, and sad to addmit, I really don't miis it. The reason it failed was firstly their wasn't a big way to expand it. If the rumores are tre poof Dark Spore, I will cover it for sure and post news here. I have the slightest hope that spore will be demoed at E3, because it roughly takes three years tiocreate a game some games shorter others longer. Such as Halo 3, a comprible game is only coming out this year. so in 2008 the game came out in september so rougly I am looking at holiday season 2011. That meets all of the to me frame and hopefully they will keep it alive with expansions and split focus between The Sims Seris and the Spore sereis. That is another reason why spore died because the fans left, to a better game, the Sims 3. All people want to do is express their "inner creativity" and sims is better, because it is us our spices not our created spices because it is impossible to create he perfect creature, were not perfect but we are kinda close in my mind.

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