Gates Cove
Hello there of fine and wondrous community. For a while now, I have mainly been incredibly busy and had not much time to work on Gates Cove, but I have done some re-tweaks such as with the centre of town or with trees and terrain painting. 
So as you would expect here are the changes:
At this rate The Sims 3 Pets will be out before Gates Cove is released:-[
  • Major Re-tweaks of the Town Area
  • Adding over 10 new lots and much lot straining
  • Fixed Routing for a section of the Island
  • Fixed Mrs. Babysitter, which defaulted to Paparazzi
  • Added Lot Ownership and Renaming (Thanks to an Updated Master Controller, go Twallan)
  • Reducing of Trees  (I went way overboard last time)
  • Road Grading and Smoothing
  • General Terrain sculpting 
I have not ETA for this update but it will come soon. 
Edit: There also with be a Gates Cove Launch Trailer 

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