Gates Cove
Hi Guys, Gates Cove has been in back and forth on MTS and has been rejected. I have a bit of work to do. The main issue is  one requirements is that I have to have images of all the lots in Gates Cove. So I have some time next week and I will work Gates Cove and will hope to fix these things.

 So in V2.2 I will improve these things:

 -Texturing, More Realistic Textures which is weird but requested by Mod the Sims.
-Relationships between InGame Sims
-Redesign of Business District.
-Modernism, Add Statues, Lights, Spires and a complete redesign of the Art Gallery and adding a new cliff view platform perfect for those artistic sims or a perfect venue for the ultimate wedding.
-Customising NPC and removing the unnecessary ones like repo-man for the ultimate tax evasion :-p
-Improve Road Alignment
-Adding Mark Zuckerberg Founder of Facebook  and add Elon Musk Founder of Tesla
-Removing the Calacanis household.
-More Glass Cliff Households like the Wolff House
-Add Co-CEO of Google
-Adding More beach houses and smaller houses and removing other.
-More Road Alignment
-Add Descriptions for Each Sim.
-Customise Story Progression Mod and Master Controller per Household.
-Fixing the Bug where underwater textures were shown incorrectly.
-Testing Gates Cove without certain stuff packs and expansions packs thanks to the any game starter by Johna on MTS.
-Add Lifetime Rewards to certain sims

Generally Improve Native Household by
- Redoing Elder Making him a playable ghost of Ewya
-Improve Woohooer Mod for household
-Improve Garden Layout and Fishing Spawners.

 Then Some stuff I am interested in adding but may not be in V2.2
-Adding Morphs to clothing for Teen and Adult Females
-Making Custom Clothes for Kids and Toddlers
-Make Household more of a clan, with specific customisations based on the tribe, green east, red for the west and blue from the shores the mountains.
-Adding Ark Reactor to Tony Stark Clothing 

Also I am planing localisation for German, French and possible Chinese and Japanese.  Although I need support with that.

The Next version unless their are any urgent updates or bugs will be V2.5 which will include Late Night Integration  and any improvements which will enhance the neighbourhood.
V2.4 will be integrated with Fast Lane Stuff Pack, to add nice expensive cars to the whole town.

V2.6, the one after Late Night integrated hopefully will be bug fixing or any other improvements.

To explain my numbering system is that the first attempt to get on MTS was V1.0 and its rejection was really understandable and looking back on it now it has caused me to do so much more improvements and is a much better experience for the end user. V2.0 (V stands for Version if you haven't realised yet) which was the second attempt at MTS and was realised a few weeks ago and has been in back in forth and I had a issue responding because I have been away on holidays (BTW I am writing on a plane home) which I understand and some issue because my issues with testing. V3.0 will be the next Expansion Pack or next major revision.
Overall this is a really big update in amount of fixes but are only minor tweaks which will improve the end user experience.
Of course with Gates Cove I am open to any feedback, if you want a feature or have bay questions comments below or contact me at the Contact page.

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