Gates Cove

Many Thanks


Hi Guys, 
Just to let you know there will not be another Beta, I believe that Gates Cove is up to the standard of a upload to MTS. All the issues that I am aware of have been fixed as well as some minor sim tweaking. 

I am so proud of where this creation has lead me, this was my first piece of Custom Content for the sims. It may be one of the largest projects you can do, but overall I am incredibly proud. After months of all my sims time being taken up with bug fixes or forum posting, I believe that I have actually sat down and played in Gates Cove and I am so happy for what I have achieved. 

Through Gates Cove, I have come to love all of Gates Cove, I know every inch of every lot, road and sim in the town. 

I would love to thank everyone in the community it has been a pleasure to have such a great community to work with. 

I would love to thank everyone who has had any working with this project, weither it be Armiel, putting up with my many hours of me not reading the guidelines and provide feedback/encouragement, or EsmereldaF for helping me to fix up the sims, NickiMicki for actually giving feedback. Then I would love to thank all the custom content creators, for allowing me to use all there wondrous custom content. 

Don't think this is my going away, just more of a celebration, I have many more creations to come and some which I have started to work on now 

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