Gates Cove
Hello, me again, 
I have been incredibly busy and haven't been able to post for over few months, no I am not dead and this is my reincarnated robot posting :-p. I have been working quite hard on mainly the feedback thread which I have been working with TVRedesigns who has had some huge help mainly with terrain and trees, as Gates Cove is well over a year old now it has started to become labourous the work on Gates Cove, I have really lost interest in it as I am becoming quite bored of doing the same thing over and over, but I have put so much effort into Gates Cove that I have to finish it. I have mainly two areas to focus on, which are terrain and world objects. The problem with Gates Cove is the amount of time I have put into it, I am goinbg back and fixing things that I had fixed such as terrain
Above is a picture of what I thought was good Flora and Fauna but it was just randomly placed and now i have to fix it.
Quite poor terrain painting.
Some terrain painting fixes.

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